Blockbuster FX pack

For Filmmakers!

It's the first visual effects pack made exclusively for Filmmakers! No FX skills required. It's the fastest and the most easy-to-use FX pack ever made.

how to use it?
For Filmmakers!

Explosive FX!

These stunning visual effects will allow you to easily create huge explosions, falling meteors, destruction, lightsabers, lightning effects & much more!

All our effects have a transparent background.

what's inside?
Explosive FX!

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  • 8 unique categories

    ◾ Explosions
    ◾ Meteors
    ◾ Lasers
    ◾ Blasts
    ◾ Electricity
    ◾ Bullets
    ◾ Large Scale effects
    ◾ Destruction

  • 140+ effects

    1920px digital files
    MOV format
    Alpha channel

  • Works on any video software

    ✓ Adobe Premiere
    ✓ Final Cut Pro
    ✓ Adobe After Effects
    ✓ DaVinci Resolve
    ✓ Sony Vegas
    ✓ CyberLink PowerDirector
    ✓ iMovie

  • Blockbuster effects

    These effects were made with love and passion by professionnals who work on feature films!

  • Drag-and-Drop

    All the effects have a transparent background.
    Simply drag and drop the effects into your shots!

  • Save money!

    Currenty $89.


I'm not a visual effects pro. Is the Starter Pack made for me?

Absolutley! We designed the Stater Pack exclusively for filmmakers, so you can do everything by yourself. You don't have to invest into any visual effects software as all our effects can be used directly inside of your editing software (such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Sony Vegas or even iMovie)!

What's the difference between the Starter Pack and other stock footages on the internet?

Stock footages are usually made for professionnal artists who know how to use them inside of their FX softwares. Unlike these other services, we provide special effects that can be used by everyone, especially by filmmakers! This means that we already pre-rendered all the 3D process, we composed it so it looks realistic and we put everything on a transparent background. Basically, all you have to do is to drop the effects into your shots!

I'm a professionnal VFX artist. Is the Starter Pack interesting for me?

Definitely! As we are professionnals too, we know what your needs are. We've included separate layers on many of our effects so you can adjust their intensity and play with the blending modes to make them look even more spectacular!

Can I purchase the Starter Pack with my mobile phone?

Of course! You can buy the product using your mobile phone or your tablet and download it later on your computer. We send you a permanent link on your email address so you can download your product anytime.

What happens after I purchase the Starter Pack?

Once you purchase the Starter Pack, you instantly get a link to download all the digital files. Click on the link, take a coffe and think about your next big project. Once the download is complete, unzip the downloaded files and take a look at the "Previews" folder to see a preview of all our blockbuster effects!
Now to use the effects, simply import the files from the "Effects" folder inside of your video software and place them above your shots in the timeline. As they all have a transparent background they will automatically blend with your footage.

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